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You will love this cute Polar Bear Benjamin series of products that designed by Carrot Co from Japan! Although the bag is small, it is the perfect products for your kids, your girlfriend who loves Japanese bags and accessories or those who likes small/compact and cute things. Below is the list of all type of Polar Bear Benjamin products.

polar bear benjamin backpack


This backpack is made of Fleece fabric and full of the polar bear icon! It is available in Blue, Dark orange, Light gray and Mint green color. This backpack is definitely a cute and high-quality product! Polar Bear Benjamin backpack is also very popular in Japan just like Anello bag.



As you can see from the image above, it is a wallet that made with synthetic leather which is durable and sturdy. This wallet is available in Camel, Wine, Navy, Black and Brown color.


Phone Case

They also come with phone cases that made of leather, but sadly to say this series of products are only for iPhone 6. We hope that they will be available for different type of cell phones.


Tote Bags

Theses tote bag are available in a lot of colors and comes with many difference designs of the Polar Bear Benjamin like the old polar bear, young polar bear, beach polar bear, etc. It is so interesting to look at these designs that can make your day.


Glasses Case

Protect your glasses by Benjamin the polar bear! These cute designs will make you smile everytime you put in or take out your glasses from the case. Available in Yellow, Navy and Brown color.