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This is the review of my first purchased of Anello backpack from; it is quite convenient that I just clicked a few buttons, filled in my payment details and that is it. I just have to wait for my parcel arrive.

It is a product called Anello Canvas Backpack with the model number AT-B0193, I bought the Navy color which is my favorite, it represents elegance and majesty.

Honestly, the reason I purchased this bag from Amazon is that I’m lazy, I don’t feel like going to the departmental store as it is so far away from my house. I recommend you to buy Anello bag from Amazon if you have the similar situation.

Finally, I received my parcel after several days; now I will show you the backpack but now let me unbox it.


anello backpack review

As you can see, this is the box from Amazon; it comes with a size of 47 x 37 cm. Although it was a big box, it has a very light weight which is beyond my expectation.


The backpack is remained intact while when I open the box, I can smell the freshness when I took this little one out of the box. The bag is super lightweight that you won’t believe until you hold it.


The backside views of the bag


The price tag, manuals and leather logo with the slogan ‘com po evinho anda-se caminho’, I believe it is a Portuguese proverb.



The zipper of the bag can open very wide; I can put in or take out my stuff easily. Overall, the quality is top-notch either exterior or interior. The location of the back zipper is just right. By the way, avoid those bag without the back zipper, as they are the old model.



Now we are checking the interior of the bag. As you can see, it is made in China, not Japan, but the quality is amazing.


Wow! I can put my 15″ Macbook Pro into this little one. However, I have to put my laptop into the cover to protect it from scratches if there is something else in the main compartment like keys or charges. There is also a small pocket for the mobile phone!

The canvas material is sturdy and flexible, so that you won’t have to worry about the durability if you fully pack the bag.

The Golden Hardware


All of the hardware comes with the golden color, as well as the zippers, it is truly an elegant masterpiece when you look at it.


Final Thoughts

Anello backpack is a very affordable bag and suitable for students, teenagers, and mothers; I really recommend it.