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Best Anello Backpack of All Time

So you already know why Anello bag is a must-have for every one of us, especially those who would like to have both practical and stylish way of carrying their stuff.

Anello backpack does have an elegant look, and it is spacious, not to mention the superb quality of their leather and canvas material of the bag.

Anello was born in 2005; it means ‘growth ring’ in Italian. They are so many bag designs that people can choose from; it is one of the many reasons why Anello is the most popular backpack in Japan. As you can see, the design is very simple, but it can be used in many different styling and scenes.

It is an ideal gift for both males and females simply because there are plenty of excellent designs. Below are the five must-have Anello bags you should buy.

The best-selling Anello Bag and Best Anello Backpack in Japan

#1 Best-Selling: Anello Canvas Backpack

Every Anello bag is designed in Japan which is perfect for teenagers, mothers and any leisure events and activities such as traveling, sport, camping, etc.

There is a durable wire to keep the main compartment opened steadily and widely. Although it is a small bag, it has a large capacity.

This bag is the best-selling backpack in Japan simply because it is a masterpiece that consists of both beautiful and functionality in affordable price with a lot of color and style variations.

Anello Leather Casual Backpack

This Anello bag is made of durable, stylish, high-quality PU Leather and comes with several choices of colors such as Camel Beige, Black, Brown, and Ivory.

It has a roomy primary compartment, several small to medium pockets, a front zip pocket, two side pockets, an extra zipper right at the back.

It also has double top handles and adjustable double shoulder straps just like all of the best-selling Anello backpacks.

As you can see from the photo above, it seems like a big backpack, but in fact, the size might smaller than your expectation when receiving this Anello bag. However, it is a high-quality leather bag.

Anello Camo Backpack

This stylish Anello backpack is a must-buy for camo bag lovers. There are document and cell phone pockets on the inside; the design is also perfect for the perfectionist who like to have a well-organized backpack, not to mention the toad-mouth-a-like zipper of main compartment pocket which is large and convenient to put your stuff into the bag.

It is quite convenient that you can take your wallet from the zipper at the back. The stylish and minimalist design which goes well with most of your outfits and the size is perfect for everyday use.

Anello Porikyan Backpack

This beautiful Anello bag is made of durable and light-weight polyester fabric. It also has an extra zipper at the back which is very practical if you would like to access your stuff quickly.

There are pockets on the interior and exterior that enables you to organize your items in a neat way. You can also hold the backpack by using the sturdy double top handles instead of carrying on your back.

Anello USA Flag Denim Backpack

This bag comes with a 6 cm shoulder drop, made of 600D Polyester Denim fabric. With its minimalist style, the flexibility and capacity can be increased significantly.

You can put small to medium size laptop into the bag, and some daily-used items into both side and front pockets.

The color of Denim fabric seems to be fall off a little bit after getting wet; perhaps you may try not to expose this lovely bag in the rain.

A few of the pockets are so small that might not be very useful, but most of them are quite convenient, the main compartment is for sure spacious. Another downside is that it is quite difficult to close the zipper with only one hand.

Main Feature #1

A Wide Mouth

This one is the best feature of Anello backpack; As you can see from the photo above, the mouth of the bag can be open very wide!

I recommend this backpack as the design is so simple yet very practical; it has a main compartment, two internal and one external pocket, two side pockets that are designed to put in your water bottle or a small umbrella.

For those who have a lot of stuff to carry and need to access your items quickly, this Anello bag is the best choice as it can keep your stuff well-organized.

Main Feature #2

Clear View From the Top

When you fully open the backpack, the mouth of the bag became a big square shape, you can see every single corner just by looking at it from the top, so that you can organize your stuff in a very efficient way.

It is very easy to check every single item in the bag since your stuff is well-organized. Also, your bag will not fall when you put it on the floor or chair.

Main Feature #3

Exterior Pockets For Easy Storing

Anello bag comes with a large exterior front zipper pocket which can put many things inside such as towel, phone charger, and small accessories.

It also has two side pockets for keeping the foldable umbrella, small to medium size drinking bottle or baby bottle that mothers can easily access and feed the baby.

Main Feature #4

Super Lightweight

The bag is light in weight, it is only 470g (canvas series), which means it is easy to carry even it is fully loaded.

Thanks to the well-designed and high-quality shoulder straps, you won’t feel hefty and tired after carrying a long time.

Main Feature #5

The Secret Tunnel

It is considered a unique feature that there is an approximately 29 cm zipper at the back of the Anello backpack which allows you to access your stuff easily from this zipper instead of opening the main compartment on the top.

Anello Backpack Buying Guide


While looking for a backpack, it is great if you’re able to choose the best one which has numerous zipper pockets.

Anello bag does have a good number of pockets; it can assist you to organize all of your items very well, so you won’t have to fumble your bag just to find a key.


Look closely at the material which has been used. Does it appear to be something which could tear easily by a sharp object accidentally? Stay away from the thin materials as they are fragile.


Of course, the design should be attractive, and you love it as you need to carry it and feel confident.

Some of you may prefer a traditional backpack, and some will likely be a unique type of bag like Anello.


Short people might look clumsy while carrying an extra-length backpack, no offense. Fortunately, some backpacks allow you to adjust the length.


You might discover that there are many replica Anello backpack on the market. In case you don’t know, Amazon is one of the best sites that selling authentic Anello bags.

You have to ask yourself if it is too good to be true when buying on the internet; check the reviews of the vendors to see if they are trustworthy. You can visit the Anello official website for more details or even buy from there if you can read japanese.

Final Thoughts

Although Anello is hugely popular in Japan, it is not familiar to a lot of people in the rest of the world.

Anello is one of the famous brands of Carrot Company. Their bags always come with cute designs like bear, rabbit, fruit and the popular minimalist design.

With its inexperience price, attractive appearance and practicality, it becomes the most preferred backpack in Japan.

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